How to prepare a perfect holiday in Menorca


If you are planning your holiday and have decided on Menorca, we anticipate that you will not regret it. Here are some tips to help you make your holiday perfect and unforgettable.

Plan your holidays

To make your holiday perfect, it is advisable to plan it in advance. Think about what kind of plans you are most attracted to and set your preferences for your vacation. Then research the main points of interest of your destination on the Internet, this will allow you to choose to visit only those destinations that you like or like the most.

In the News section of our website you can find the article “Ciutadella, paradisiacal holidays in the heart of Minorca“, where we have made a selection of interesting places -and some essential- in Ciutadella that you will love and that can help you prepare a list of places you would like to visit.

Improvising is fine, but having it thought through in advance will allow you to be more relaxed and enjoy your holidays more without worries. Also, if you prepare your holiday in advance, you will surely find more options to compare interesting transport offers on both flights and ferries to Menorca.

The same goes for accommodation: if you book in advance you will have more available dates and therefore more possibilities to travel on the days that suit you best.

It is also important to plan for rest. Say goodbye to work obligations and get everything done. Not taking your work with you on holiday is going to make sure that you get the most out of your time off and your holidays.

What to see in Menorca?

Menorca has many places worth visiting. One of them is the Necropolis of Cala Morell, 9 km from Ciutadella. There you can visit a prehistoric cemetery made up of 14 caves artificially dug out of a cliff. You can get there by car or by bicycle. If you go by car and in summer, keep in mind that the car park is easily filled, but you can park anywhere nearby within the urbanization Cala Morell. And if you ride a bike, you should know that on the way back you will find several slopes, as well as some strong wind, so if you don’t have much experience riding a bike, consider the option of going by car.

If you travel with your family or in a group, Menorca offers leisure options for all tastes and ages: from the Aquarock water park to a buggy ride or a day’s boat trip.

One of the most magical places on Menorca is the Cova d’en Xoroi, where you can enjoy a drink or a refreshment in a bar located in an impressive natural cave. From there you can see spectacular views. During the day you can go with children and from 23:00 it becomes a disco. The best time of day to visit it is undoubtedly the sunset. The sunsets in Menorca are spectacular and this is one of the places where you cannot miss them.

Cala Escorxada is one of the least popular beaches in Menorca, as all those who want to reach it must walk about 1 hour. You can also get there by Taximar, a boat that offers transport from one beach to another. If you decide to walk, don’t forget comfortable shoes and a bottle of water, especially if you go in the middle of summer and it’s hot.

What to carry in your suitcase?

Ciutadella is also a perfect city for walking to some of the most beautiful beaches, such as Cala Escorxada. It is only accessible on foot, so it is very important to wear sunscreen, especially if you are going with children.

And if you like running, you can’t leave your sneakers at home. Ciutadella is a perfect place to go for a run. In addition, we recommend a route: you can leave from the port to Son Oleo and Sa Caleta, passing first by the promenade.

On the other hand, if you love photography or just like to immortalize the moment and share it with your friends on social networks, don’t forget your camera. In Ciutadella de Menorca there are beautiful places -such as the Pont D’en Gil– and well deserving of being among your memories.

In short, don’t forget to include in your luggage everything you need to enjoy a good holiday, but don’t worry if you leave something at home, because just a few steps away from our apartments you will find a pharmacy, supermarket, medical centre and various shops to buy everything you need.

And yes, it’s true that we have recommended planning everything in advance, but don’t overdo it: doing whatever you want at any time will make your vacation much more fun and relaxed than if you plan everything to the millimetre.

The most important thing is to enjoy!