Ciutadella, paradisiacal holidays in the heart of Minorca


Ciutadella de Menorca is the most populated city in Menorca, as it was the capital of Menorca until 1714, so it has numerous cultural tourist destinations that you can’t miss if you visit Menorca.

Cultural destinations in Ciutadella

One of them is the Port of Ciutadella, located to the west of the city, is one of the historic ports of the Balearic Islands, as its history dates back to the Middle Ages. In the port you can enjoy a pleasant stroll and a dinner or lunch in one of its many restaurants with sea views.

The Naveta des Tudons is a funerary construction which is said to be the oldest monument in Europe. It is a kind of grave or funerary monument that you can only see on the island, so if you come to Ciutadella de Menorca you can’t miss it.

Another great tourist attraction of Ciutadella is the Municipal Museum of Ciutadella, which has a permanent exhibition on the history of the city, where you can make a tour through the different stages of the history of Ciutadella.

Another of the city’s main historical monuments is the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Ciutadela, of Catalan Gothic style and built on top of the Mosque Medina Menurka between the 13th and 14th centuries.

The beaches

On the other hand, Ciutadella also offers destinations to simply relax and enjoy its Mediterranean climate and nature. Don’t forget sun protection to enjoy the numerous beaches around Ciutadella for hours. By the way, the closest beach from our apartments is Cala Blanca, only 150 meters away.

A little further away are the beaches of Algaraiens, three beaches adjacent to crystalline waters where you can enjoy the Menorcan sunshine like nowhere else. As you go deep into them you will find more tranquility and intimacy.

For early risers, an indispensable recommendation is the Cala Turqueta. It is a small and beautiful protected cove that, we are sure, you will fall in love with. It is protected, parking is limited, so we recommend you to leave early in the morning.

Cala Es Talaier is accessible on foot, but you won’t regret it. Its white sand and crystal clear water will make the walk to it, undoubtedly, worthwhile.

The sunsets

We have already talked about several essential destinations, but the sunsets of Pont D’ en Gin are definitely not to be missed. It is a kind of natural hanging bridge from which you can enjoy a truly unforgettable sunset, or simply contemplate the sea. It can be reached by a pleasant walk or by boat.

Another perfect place to enjoy an incredible sunset is the lighthouse at Punta Nati, a quiet but beautiful place. Here it is also advisable to arrive a little before sunset, as the parking is small and easily filled.

Other activities

To make your vacation an unforgettable holiday, you can take a boat ride through the southern coves of the city. And to make it even better, you can do a route in Quad or Buggy with MenorQuad, it will be a sure success.

While the most aquatic can choose between diving or go to aquatic park Aquarock, or why not both?

Ciutadella is definitely a destination to enjoy a quiet holiday, where you can choose from a wide variety of leisure, tourism, relaxation or adventure plans. Ciutadella has it all, only you are missing.

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